Date: 26 & 27 June 2005
Official Sponsors : Dubai Medical College
The symposium is an invaluable opportunity to align the faculty - student domain.
It concentrates on Problem based learning and small group teaching while also giving postgraduates unfathomable prospects to whet their skills against seasoned players in their areas of specialization .
The Attendees:
  • Faculty groups
  • Students pursuing their specialization
  • Faculty-student interaction, which is the fulcrum of the education system.
  • Critical evaluation at the higher levels of education, by eminent scholars and researchers.
  • A well-worked out perspective at adult learning.
Prof. Wagdy Talat Youssef Mahmoud

Prof. Youssef is the Head of Medical Education Dept., Faculty of Medicine and Director, Quality assurance and Accreditation Center, Suez Canal University. He is also with EMRO, WHO as Consultant for manpower development.
A PhD in Pathology to his credit, Dr, Wagdy has a strong background as an academician and also possesses certifications in Health Economics, Health management and Leadership.

He was awarded the Best Medical Educator on National Level at General Medical Syndicate, Egypt 1991.

A peer reviewer with Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal and a consultant in Education Capacity Building at EMRO, Prof Youssef is an invaluable source of guidance at this enlightening meeting.

Dr. Ahmed Hafez Abdel Fattah

A PhD. In Biochemistry/ Gastroenterology to his credit Dr. Ahmed has authored several publications, including Bile Acids in Hepatobiliary Disease(2000).

He is also the man behind several articles in noted journals, presentations in international meetings and chapters in various books. Dr. Ahmed is proud beneficiary of several grants amounting to 700,000 pounds.

A teacher with rich and varied experience across student spheres including medical, biochemical, midwifery and nutrition, Dr. Hafez will prove to be a tremendous advantage to the aspiring students in the medical field.

Prof. Gregory Papworth

Prof. Gregory Papworth is presently a Consultant in Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai and is involved in the implementation of all medical education Programs of DOHMS. He is a renowned expert in the development and implementation of undergraduate medical education, postgraduate vocational training and continuing professional development.

He has served as Deputy Director of Medical Services in The Royal Melbourne Hospital for 13 years. His tenure as Ministerial Advisor in the Ministry of Health for over a decade and as Associate Professor in Family Medicine at the UAE University has rightly earned him the reputation of being a pioneer in medical education in the Middle East.

Prof. Papworth has a number of articles in reputable journals, presentation in international meeting & chapters in various books to his credit.

A professor with vast experience in the medical education field, his presentation will prove to be a guiding light to all associated with this discipline