10th Annual DMC Medical Education Symposium 2016
Saturday 28th May, 2016
Venue: Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center Auditorium, Dubai Healthcare City
Recent Strides in Medical Education and Clinical Medicine
8:00am-8:30am Registration
8:30am-8:45am Inauguration &Welcome Speech.
Session 1 : Gearing for 21st century skills in medical education
8:45am-9:05am “Feedback in Medical Education ”
Prof. Mohammed Galal El Din
9:05am-9:25am “Soft Skills in the Reformed Curriculum”
Prof. J M Muscat-Baron
9:25am-9:45am “Teaching Ethics and Law within the Medical Education”
Prof. Abdul Jabbar M Salih
9:45am-10:05am “Small Group Formative OSCE”
Prof. Nabil Sulaiman
10:05am -11:30am Coffee Break and Poster session I
Session 2: Recent strides in clinical medicine and surgical specialties
11:30am- 11:50am “ Update on New Anticoagulants ”
Prof. Mahmoud Marashi
11:50am-12:10pm “ Radiculopathies Affecting the Upper and Lower Limbs ”
Prof. Mike Irani
12:10pm -12:30pm “ Communications in Medicine ”
Prof. Roger Vaughan
12:30pm-12:50pm “ Professionalism and Preparation for Practice in Undergraduate Medicine “
Prof. Mathew Walters
12:50pm-01:30pm Panel discussion
Expert Panel: "Educating Physicians and medical educators in the 21st century"
Chairpersons: Prof. Mohammed Galal & Prof. JM Muscat Baron
01:30pm-03:00pm Lunch Break and Poster Session II
Session 3: Research
Professional research papers (10 minutes each)
Time Research Title Presenter
3:00 pm-3:10pm Frequency of Xmn1 polymorphism among Sickle Cell Carrier cases in UAE Population. Dr. Mariam Matar


3:10pm-3:20pm A College-Wide Assessment Management System in an Integrated Medical Curriculum. Dr. Sami Shaban


3:20pm-3:30pm Adult Education- teaching adult learners. Dr. Mustafa Ali Sabri
3:30pm-3:40pm Using self-directed learning in a health promotion project as an introduction to public health and health promotion practice. Dr. Geraldine Elizabeth Kershaw
3:40pm-3:50pm Educational framework of the ‘new wave model’ for clinical teaching, using parallel consultations. Dr. George Somers
3:50pm-4:00pm Closing ceremony