The most prominent aspect was the respected guests Prof. Kumar and Clark. I appreciate their presence.
Mohamed Reza Dashtar,
International modern hospital
I liked the high degree of interactions and the clinical case-based presentations.
Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Abdou,
consultant physician, Emirates international hospital
This symposium is useful because utmost importance was given to management of geriatric patients. They should not be neglected because of old age.
Dr. Mohammed Afzal FRCS,
Consultant surgeon, Dibba Hospital, MOH
I liked the modern method of medical education. It was useful to obtain some of th statistics of Geriatrics.
Mohammed Sayeeduddin,
Ophthalmologist, MOH.
Speakers are all of high educational standards. The symposium updated our knowledge especially about PDAs and Geriatric Knowledge.
Dr. Khalid Al Zuaibi,
Al Twar, Healthcenter.
I really like the topic-Medical cases that can lead to disaster-How a doctor’s neglect can lead to the loss of a patients’ life.
Humaira Kamil,
4th year student.
Good organization- Best of luck DMC.
Aisha Waheed,
4th year Medical Student.
It was an open interactive forum .
Yousef Al Tayeb,
Consultant surgeon, Rashid Hospital.
Well organized. Learned a lot from the eminent speakers. Point of improvement-TIME MANAGEMENT.
Dr. Salah,
I liked the overall conduct of the symposium. It was useful especially in the field of Geriatrics. I would like to have more of clinical case scenario discussions.
Dr. Saidalavi Padinare Peediyakkal,
Dibba, Al Fujeirah, Hospital.