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Learning Center

The learning center is a multi-purpose hall. The center are used on wide basis in different occasions by different departments, it’s equipped with modern devices and well organized by professional team.

  1. Physical setup
  • 90 PCs connected with fast internet connection
  • Separate cabin for each student to secure full privacy
  • Two Projectors with Mobile screen
  • MICs and 4 loud Speakers
  • 13 surveillance cameras
  • control room which has control screen for the cameras
  • This center Serving DMC and DPC in both Bachelor and master programs.
  • We use Time slot management of the learning resources center by using one of the task manger programs “ Trello” software calendar
  • Netsupport– with a backup PC in the control room
  1. Blocking the screen in mass and for specific student.
  2. Pushing instantaneous message
  3. Pushing specific website
  4. Allowing students to register
  5. Blocking specific websites

Learning Center

  1. Allowing specific website
  2. Checking the screen of specific student
  3. Activities:
  • Exams :
  1. Mid-Semester and Final exam, we conduct 100 exams per academic year in average.
  2. On-Going assessments and course quizzes running by the instructors in their respective courses.
  3. Admission Exams: About 300-400 candidates each year for Biology and chemistry both in Arabic and in English. We accept 66 students in each batch.
  • CAT- Computer aided teaching

A course of CAT (for example: Parasitology – Y2-2016-   17).

  • Training

Staff training and assessments for different subjects (for Example: SPSS).

  • Student Survey

Course (One at the end of each semester and one at the end of the year).

Learning Center Members :

  • Head of Informatics unit – Dr.Wafiq
  • MIS specialist- Mrs.Amal Horabi
  • Medical graphic designer- Mr.Ibrahim Al Minshawi
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