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Our beloved Professor, Dr. Ali Mohammed Assabri, Professor of Community Medicine and Public Health, Dubai Medical College, passed away on 15/03/2021 after a brave battle with hepatic carcinoma.

Dr. Ali was born on 22/05/1955, in Yemen and was married with seven children.

He was highly qualified personnel, having attained his PhD In Infections diseases and tropical medicine from Moscow, 1988 amongst his numerous other certifications. He has published many articles and presented scientific papers and has contributed to the publication of many books.

He also served as the Chairman of Yemeni society for rational use of drugs as well as the Chairman of Yemeni council for medical specialization. He has been the Head of Community Medicine Department, temporary Consultant for WHO, National director of Operation Research, Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health sciences, before finally joining Dubai Medical college as Professor of Community Medicine, head of department.

His demise is a great loss to his family, friends and fellow colleagues who remember him for kindness, gentleness and benevolence.

He was truly an asset to the college and the rest of the medical world.

We pray that Allah SWT rewards him immensely for all his efforts during his lifetime and grants him the highest rank in Jannat al Firdous. Ameen

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