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Dubai Medical College Academic Publications (Academic Departments Only)2017-2020

Prof. Ghazala Mehdi
Title : Micro-vessel density as a guide to angiogenesis in human endometrium. Kafeel Akhtar, Sumbul Warsi, Deepali Gupat, Ghazala Mehdi, Nishat Akhtar, Rana K Sherwani.
Year : 2020
Publisher : IP Archives of Cytology and Histopathology Research. 2020;5(2):1-6.

Prof. Ghazala Mehdid
Title : Encapsulated papillary carcinoma of breast with in situ component: A rare presentation.Kafil Akhtar, Suhailur Rahman, Ghazala Mehdi, Rana K Sherwani.
Year : 2020
Publisher : IP Archives of Cytology and Histopathology Research. 2020;5(3):333-335.

Prof. Tasneem Sandozi
Title : A Pharmacological Update of Nephrotoxic Drugs.
Year : 2019
Publisher : International Journal of Nephrology and Kidney Failure Volume 5 – Issue 2 |

Dr. Fouzia Shersad
Title : Managing Risks of E-learning During COVID-19.
Year : 2020
Publisher : International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences.

Dr. Shifan khanday
Title : Preference and Effectiveness of different teaching modalities in Anatomy used in online/distance teaching during COVID times.
Year : 2020
Publisher : International Journal of Current research.

Ph.D. Eslam Mohammed El Nebrisi
Title : The role of human 7a-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mediating neuroprotective action of curcumin. College of Medicine and Health Sciences,United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain, UAE
Year : 2019.

Ph.D. Shifan Khandey
Title : Anatomical variations in the human body: exploring the boundaries of normality. Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education,
Kingston University, UK
Year : 2019.

Book Professor Tasneem Sandozi
Title : Short Notes of Pharmacology for under graduate students.
Year : 2019.
Publisher: The Frontline Publishers, India.

MSc. A total of 4, 2 in Community Medicine (Dr. Iman Abdeen and Dr. Hiba Fayez), one in Pharmacology (Dr. Eslam El Nebrisi) and one in Molecular Biology from Cincinatti USA, (Dr Hajer Nisar).

Original articles in peer reviewed Journals(and examples for successful international and national collaboration)

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  2. Tasneem Sandozi, Sadhiya Siyad, Sarah Jamil and Samreen Kidwai, (2017). A study on caffeine intake and its effect on withdrawal, study and sleep pattern in medical students of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(06), 50-53.
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  24. Prof. tasneem sandozi, professor of pharmacology and the batch 33 students Hana Iqbal and Maryam Haitham Salman. Manuscript number: jnd-22-52503 : Prevalence of Migraine in Medical Students of Dubai Medical College, UAE.
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