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10th Oct 2022

World Mental Health Day

"Dubai Medical College for Girls will conduct World Mental Health Day on 10th of October organized by the Public Health department of DMCG in collaboration with the Student Union.
DMCG is celebrating in accordance with WHO by working on making mental health and well-being a global priority for all in our own way.
One of the most important objective of this event is to engage DMCG within the community.
Second year students will conduct awareness campaign in New Academy School in Dubai as they are going to share different topics related to mental health promotion and disorders.
This is to raise awareness of Mental health among the teachers and students of the school."

World Mental Health Day @DMCG

On 10th October 2020, DMCG successfully conducted ‘Mental health day awareness event’ on campus and a mnetal health campaign at ‘New Academy school’ to spread awareness and relieve stress for the students and staff alike.

The event on campus was conducted by Ms. Shireen, the student councilor at DMCG, and the campaign by led by Dr. Sahar AbdelMaqsod, the head of Public Health and behavioral sciences.

On campus session included a DMCG TEDx where faculty and students spoke openly about their mental health struggles and exchanged life lessons to assist each other mentally.

There was an interactive presentation by 5th year student Ranim who taught the audience concept of self-acceptance, followed by an exciting games, ‘stress buster’ sessions and enetrtainment.

Dr. Sahar Abdel Maqsod, along with the head of psychiatry department at American Hospital, Dubai and the students of DMCG, taught high school students about the importance and benefit of being mentally heathy.

The whole event was a great success and helped everyone realize that mental mental is as important as physical health and we need to look after it and let the stress go free whenever possible.