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Department of Educational Informatics:

The main Objective of this unit is to help streamline the delivery of Technology and computerized system to the field of work and make it available in the University at different aspects:

  1. Medical Informatics Course :
  • Instructor : Dr. Wafiq Shafiq
  • Target Students : Year One and Year Three(DMC)

The Course consists of the following:

  • Demonstrate different topics in how to correlate the Informatics and Medical applications.
  • Running Discussion Forums and Seminars during the course.
  • Conducting Quizzes and Assignments.

2. Learning Management System(LMS) :

It’s a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology courses” E-Learning Platform”.

This system is managed by a separate Unit consists of three parties:

  • Wafiq Shafiq
  • Amal Horabi
  • Ibrahim Minshawi


The main functions of this system are:

  1. Create Online course
  2. Enroll Corresponding instructor(s) for each course
  3. Enroll the target students
  4. Upload Tutorial and all Medical materials related to the course
  5. Create the grade book for each course
  6. Build Mid Term –Final Exams and all related Requirements
  7. Manage and control the Interactivity between learners and Instructors
  8. Provide updates and any maintenance services may be needed.

3.College website maintenance

  • By Mr. Ibrahim Minshawi
  • Amal Horabi

 4.Building computer applications and systems by Mr. Ibrahim Minshawi

  • Students information system
  • Admission system
  • Form builder
  • Clinical staff Remuneration system
Dr. Wafiq Shafiq
Head of Edu. Informatics

Dubai medical University

Tel. +971  4 2120514

Fax. +971 4 2646130 

Mrs.Amal Horabi
MIS Specialist

Master – Management Information System

Dubai medical University

Tel. +971  4 2120518

Fax. +971 4 2646130

Mr. Ibrahim H.Minshawi
Medical Graphic Designer & System Administrator 

Dubai Medical University

Tel. +971  4 2120555

Fax. +971 4 2646130

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