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Final Exam Timetable July-2018-2019

All students should follow these instructions before attending all exams:

  1. On the day of exam, all students should wear their lab coat and go to the Exam hall. They should be there at 11.15 am
  2. Upon arrival, students should:
  • Leave their belongings in the assigned cupboard.
  • Sign the attendance sheet, switch off (not silent) the mobile phone & hand it over to the invigilator.
  • If the inivigilator discovered any electronic device (mobile, ear piece, headset, etc.) with the student during the exam time, it will be considered as a cheating case.
  • Invigilators have the right to check out for any cheating material (electronics, papers, …etc) in student’s pockets or under scarves.
  1. Take one specific number and sit on your allocated seat. You are not allowed to change your seat at all without informing the invigilator.
  2. Make sure you bring your college ID card. You will not be allowed to attend Exam without your ID
  3. Make sure you bring your own stationery, as borrowing is NOT allowed in exam.
  4. All students are recommended to go to bathroom before attending exam hall.
  5. The college is NOT responsible for contacting any late student at the time of the exam under any circumstances.

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