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DMC Participates In Harvard Medical School Symposium For Leaders In Medical Education

DMC participates in Harvard Medical School Symposium for Leaders in Medical Education

Prof. Shefaa Mostafa Gawish, Professor of Anatomy and Head of Student Affairs, Dubai Medical College and Dr. Fouzia Shersad, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Dubai Medical College participated in Harvard Medical School -IMPACT Symposium (Innovation in Medical Pedagogy, Curriculum and Technology) at Boston, USA

Medical school education is being transformed by several converging forces. The expansion of medical knowledge and advancements in biomedical research presents extraordinary opportunities to train future leaders to deliver increasingly complex levels of patient care. At the same time, student preparation at medical school is becoming more and more varied while technology presents new promises and challenges.

In this context, Harvard Medical School convened senior institutional leadership from international medical schools as a first-of-its-kind event to explore trends, developments and current best practices in medical school education.

Dubai Medical College delegates, Prof. Shefaa Mostafa Gawish, Professor of Anatomy and Head of Student Affairs and Dr. Fouzia Shersad, Director of Institutional Effectiveness participated in the inaugural IMPACT Symposium from16-19 October, 2019. In addition to the workshops, discussions and interaction with the leaders from across the globe, the team had one-on-one discussions with David H. Roberts, MD, Dean for External Education and David Hirsh, Director Harvard Medical School Academy. Discussions focussed on the possibilities of Custom Collaborations for Health Systems & Clinical Faculty Observerships and introducing innovations in Medical Education Curricula based on the Pathways Curriculum of the Harvard Medical School.

Other discussions of DMC delegates with Gary Schwartz-Moore – Executive Director, Master’s and Certificate Programs and Will Straughn – Director Global Program Development touched upon development of postgraduate academic and training development in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School.

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