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Transfer Policies:

General transfer policies:
The following are the necessary stipulations for transfer to the DMC or DPC from other Colleges:

  1. DMC and DPCG accept transfer of students from accredited colleges with a comparable curriculum that is to that offered at the respective college
  2. Student applying for transfer must spend more than 50% of teaching hours for all subjects at the respective college
  3. The student must provide a letter of application to the Dean of the college specifying reason(s) for requesting transfer and desired date of transfer.
  4. Applicants are required to submit their transcripts for evaluation of transferable subject’s /teaching hours from previous college experiences.
  5. Students must meet the English language proficiency requirements for the respective program as set by the Ministry of Education, UAE.
  6. No student who has been dismissed from any medical or pharmacy college will be eligible for transfer to DMC or DPCG
  7. All applicants must provide conduct certificates from the institute where they are currently enrolled.
  8. Previous coursework deemed appropriate to the current course of study is evaluated for transfer into the college’s program. Transferring previous teaching hours can help avoid overlap of subjects to complete the program degree.
  9. All applicants should contact the admissions department to inquire about having their transcripts reviewed.
  10. Before attending college, attested records from the previous college and higher secondary school should be submitted to the Dean’s secretary as soon as possible.
  11. The student transferring from another accredited college may receive score for courses completed with a grade of “C” or better if the course is applicable to the student’s program at DMC or DPCG.
  12. After review of the transfer request by the chief academic officer/Graduate Program Director of the college, the final decision for approval of transfer will be made by the respective faculty board (DMC) and by the Dean (DPCG)
  13. Deadline for receipt of transfer request for an academic year is in January of a given year
  14. Before considering any application for transfer, existence of an appropriate seat for the student should be considered.

Undergraduate transfer policies:
The student transferring from another accredited college must be in a good academic standing (a minimum CGPA of 2.0, C grade, on a 4.0 scale or equivalent).

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