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A second year med student at Dubai Medical College,UAE who’s caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart. An alumnus of GEMS Our Own English High School,Dubai. An ambivert, studious, diligent and a jovial girl by nature who’s deeply interested in English Poetry. Poetry gives me a platform to express my feelings and emotions and convey the messages that I want to share with others. Its not just my hobby but a passion since childhood.

Nowadays, the hardest thing is to find the right style of poetry that speaks to the right state of mind we’re in. This book consists of 8 of my poems each conveying answers to different problems and crisis we face. I have connected some with nature to convey importance of environment protection and how we neglect it often.These have been written in old Shakespearean English to praise the style and use it in a world that has forgotten to appreciate it. This collection also answers some of our deep unresolved thoughts. All are inspiring and will uplift the mood of the reader giving them hope of a better tomorrow. Some of them are based on my personal experiences and observations. They are relatable and nostalgic. Every poem of mine has something to say. It will leave you a message and keep you pondered. They question the norms and practices of today’s world and offer simple solutions.

LINK for my book:

Available at Sharjah Book Fair or SAIL online store.
Will be available online on Amazon, Kindle store,apple books, Kobo,Scribd & overdrive next month Inshallah.

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