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Welcome to Dubai Medical College

Dubai Medical College (DMC) is committed to providing students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery and Masters is MSc addiction science in the UAE. The college will achieve its mission by providing a learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom that sustains Islamic values and promotes high levels of student achievement, consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence.

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09Dec 21


A second year med student at Dubai Medical College,UAE who’s caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart. An alumnus of GEMS Our Own English High School,Dubai. An ambivert,…

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Department Of Anatomy

Department of Anatomy

Anatomy is the science that deals with studying the structure of the human body & the relationship of its constituent parts to each other. It includes embryology that studies the formation and development of the human embryo.
Department Of Biochemistry

Department of Biochemistry

The general objective of the Curriculum of Dubai Medical College for Girls has been defined in this part of the preliminary plan, Medical students who acquire a sound knowledge of biochemistry will be in a position to confront, in practice and research.
Department Of Pathology

Department of Pathology

Pathology is the science, that deals with the study of diseases. It is concerned with the causes of the disease or disorder. The effects of the disease producing agents, (Upon the living human body).
Department Of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

The objectives of pharmacology course are classified as general and specific. General objectives are those to be fulfilled by the end of the course, while the specific one are those connected with various parts of the course.
Department Of Physiology

Department of Physiology

The general objective of the curriculum of DMC has been defined in this part of the preliminary plan as follows: Medical students who acquire a sound knowledge of physiology will be in a position to confront, in practice and research.
Educational Informatics Unit

Educational Informatics Unit

The main Objective of this unit is to help streamline the delivery of Technology and computerized system to improve the teaching and learning process in the University at different aspects

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Why study Medicine at DMC ?

Dubai Medical College  is the first private college awarding degree of Medicine & Surgery in the United Arab Emirates

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Quality of education

The programme is delivered through a range of innovative and traditional teaching methods.

Patient contact throughout your degree

You will have direct contact with patients from the first term.


You will have access to teaching with a strong scientific emphasis throughout your programme. Consequently, you will develop skills in research techniques and methodology and an ability to apply evidence-based medicine wherever you practise.


DMC Awards

Since 1986 DMC Got a lot of awards Alternatively you can keep browsing our online Awards, which benefits from regular updates and all the very latest information every day.


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ou can download our 2018 catalogue in PDF format below. You’ll find all the latest information about our English Language Teaching titles.

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