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Teaching Facilities

Teaching Facilities on the College Campus :

The following facilities are available at the College:

Lecture Halls:

There are eight lecture halls all of which are duly equipped with audio-visual aids and wireless network access.

Laboratories :

We have nine well equipped laboratories.

Biochemistry Laboratory :

This facility is equipped with:
Equipment for training on laboratory diagnostics such as balances, centrifuge machines, ovens, water baths, a pH meter, a thermal cycler, an electrophoresis, a UV camera, spectrophotometers and so forth.
Reagents, chemicals, glassware, and pipettes are necessary for biochemical and molecular tests and experiments.

Histopathology Laboratory :

This facility is equipped with Camera connected to microscope and screen for teaching, par-focal, illuminated, binocular microscopes for each student, binocular teaching microscopes and explanatory slides on various body systems for the study of diseases. Microtome has also been made available for the preparation of slides.

College Museum :

This facility is equipped with gross specimens of different organs.

Anatomy laboratory :

This facility is equipped with cadavers preserved in formalin in addition to plastinated organs, plastinated sections, plastic models, human bones, skeletons, X-rays, CT scans & MRI's and interactive audiovisual aids.

Histology Laboratory :

This is another laboratory which is equipped with screen connected to microscope for teaching, par-focal, illuminated, binocular microscopes for each student, accompanied by explanatory slide packages.

Physiology Laboratory :

This facility is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities like Power Lab software, a Bio Pack System, ECG apparatus, Stethoscopes, Haemocytometer, Respirometer, Sphygmomanometer, Oscillograph, Wester green tubes, Korr system, cardiac monitor, Life form with a speaker, Coagulometer, Snellen chart, Treadmills, Ishihara chart, and Kymographs, sports lab.

Pharmacology Laboratory :

This facility is equipped with power lab and PCCAL companion software. The lab is also equipped with an electrical pressure calibrator, a dbl tissue bath set, a mammalian heart perfusion isolator, and hot plates.

Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory :

This facility is equipped with sterilization devices, incubators, ovens, centrifuges, microbe culturing plates, culturing media, light microscopes, explanatory slides and videos for practical sessions.

Molecular Biology Laboratory :

This laboratory is well equipped to conduct tests like PCR, ELISA, and Western Blot.

Clinical Skills Lab :

Equipped with low fidelity manikin, task trainer, equipment for outpatient clinic specialized mannequins for training of clinical skills. Additionally, a simulation lab equipped with high fidelity manikins for Pediatric training is available.