Improving Education and Research

QA-IE Unit

QA-IE Unit

The Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Unit at Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG), forms an integral part of continuous improvement at DMCG, coordinating and supporting its quality assurance procedures, and is responsible for overseeing the internal quality assurance system.

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to evaluate and understand the College's work so that substantiated guidelines can be developed, institutions can be improved, and strategies for improving education and research can be developed.

A key responsibility of the QA-IE Unit is to report on progress towards the KPIs and milestones set forth in the DMCG strategic plan for improving education research, and other institutional processes. QA-IE also guides DMCG quality cycle planning, implementing, and self-assessing, and uses results for improvement.

QA-IE Unit brings together all relevant stakeholders, ensuring seamless communication between the college and its stakeholders through the articulation of strategy and culture, in order to provide valuable insight into continuous improvement in DMCG's assessment and evaluation processes.


1. Continuous Quality Enhancement

  • Regular monitoring and evaluating teaching effectiveness of the academic programs and Institutional administrative units for quality enhancement.
  • Provide training to faculty and staff to improve work efficiency.

2. Review of Program effectiveness

  • Monitor and assess the achievement of DMCG strategic plan, course learning outcomes, and program learning Outcomes.
  • Conduct periodical internal audits to ascertain program effectiveness.

3. Accreditation & Compliance

  • Ensure all processes and procedures are complying with DMCG policies, the CAA, and international standards.
  • Manage and prepare the requirements of national and international accreditation and licensure, in cooperation with the academic and administrative units.
  • Manage and regularly update all institutional documents.

5. Institutional Research

  • Conduct Institutional Research and collect data at regular periods.
  • Prepare reports and assist the decision-making process for achievement of DMCG’s strategic goals.