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Life At Campus

Learning Center

The learning center is a multi-purpose hall. The center is used on wide basis on different occasions by different departments. It is equipped with modern devices and managed by a professional team. This center Serves both Dubai Medical College for Girls and Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls.

Hardware and Software Setup

  • 90 PCs connected with fast internet connection.
  • A separate cabin for each student to secure full privacy.
  • Two Projectors with Mobile screen.
  • Installed microphones and 4 loudspeakers.
  • 13 surveillance cameras.
  • Control room.
  • Trello software calendar for event booking.
  • Netsupport – with a backup PC.



  • Mid-Semester and Final exam, we conduct 100 exams per academic year in average.
  • On-Going assessments and course quizzes running by the instructors in their respective courses.
  • Admission Exams: About 300-400 candidates each year.

CAT- Computer aided teaching

  • Staff and Student Trainings
  • Staff training and assessments for different subjects.