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The DMCG Vision & Mission

  • Eagerness to perform acts of worship in proper time, preferably as a congregation;
  • Pursuit of knowledge and of fruitful work, without waiting for thanks from others, under the firm belief that Allah alone punishes or rewards as his will.
  • Complying with Islamic code of dressing.
  • Doing one’s duty under the conviction that Allah is overseeing all our actions.
  • Realizing the value of time and observing punctuality in attending classes, practical etc.
  • Maintaining modesty and decorum in gait, keeping the voice low while talking , wearing smiles and good cheer in the face, and avoiding loud laughter and sulky postures;
  • Exercising patience in studies as well as in work;
  • Being honest to oneself as well as to others;
  • Making positive contribution to academic discussions and extending cooperation to one’s colleagues in all situations and circumstances;
  • Maintaining tidiness of place and encouraging others to practice it.
  • Avoid creating troubles.
  • Practicing soul-searching in all of one’s doings and at all times with a view to (checking the wrongs and correcting the mistaken path, if necessary) avoid wrong doings.
  • Observing humility of manners and avoiding false pride.

Every two girls form a relationship of sisterhood with each other for practicing cooperation in studies, overcoming their difficulties together and testing the memory of each other, if and when necessary. Besides, the students are also divided into groups with a member of the teaching staff as its head. The purpose behind the exercise is the promotion of the spirit of competition among the students and the creation of a healthy academic atmosphere for the students.