Aims to bring together


Research policy



The committee is enthusiastic about promoting the research activity of the faculty and students of DMCG, in a collaborative way. It will enhance research meetings, seminars, conferences, and other scientific communications to enhance the activity. All attempts will be made to raise research funds and use them appropriately to enhance and further develop the research capabilities and reputation of DMCG.

DMCG research focuses on the efficient academic development of the faculty and their contribution to the health and social care benefits of Mankind, regionally and internationally. By improving the knowledge and academic skills of the faculty members we can accomplish the Mission and the Vision of DMCG.


This process is controlled by the chair of the research and ethics committee (REC) in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Research and graduate studies (ADRDS) and the research coordination unit.


All DMCG faculties and students are encouraged to submit research proposals in the area of their interest that are related to DMCG research themes and are aligned with the UAE national agenda of 2030. In addition to that, the office of the Associate dean of research and graduate studies will announce annually an internal grant for faculty and students research.

The research and ethics committee (REC) reviews and approves the submitted research proposal according to scientific and ethics guidelines. No human or animal subject research can be conducted until the REC approval letter is received.

It is the responsibility of the principal investigator to undertake the scientific deliverable(s) and stick to the approved and to ensure periodic submission of financial and scientific reports as per the budget and the deliverables signed on his accepted research proposal and internal grant application (IRG).

The Associate Dean of Research and graduate studies (ADRDS) ensure the implementation of the research work after approval of the research pro l by the REC and monitor its progress in collaboration with the research coordination unit and the finance department.