Aims to bring together


Research Units

The Units

  • Research Projects Management Unit
  • Research Grants Unit
  • Research Collaboration
  • Research Resources Unit
  • Researchers’ Support and Development Unit
  • Institutional Review Board

Objectives are to:
  • Develop winning research projects
  • Project development training
  • Review and approve research projects
Objectives are to:
  • Raise research funds
  • Update the department website
  • Training in fundraising
Objectives are to:
  • Establish local and international research collaboration
  • Organise meetings with potential collaborators

Objectives are to:
  • Establish research resources, soft and hardware
  • Establish research laboratory
Objectives are to:
  • Conduct continuing professional development (CPD) training activities.
  • Organise journal club meetings, seminars and conferences.
Objectives are to:
  • To approve the research projects and issue the ethical clearance certificates.
  • The DMCG higher administration approves the establishment of IRB.