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13th Mar 2023

Blood Donation Drive

On March 13th, the Community Engagement Unit of Dubai Medical College for Girls and Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls collaborated with the Dubai Blood Donation Center and SCOPH IFMSA-UAE to host a philanthropic event - the Blood Donation Drive. The main aim of this altruistic mission was to establish a community of young donors and promote life-saving donations.

This Campaign comprised of two parts : Awareness Week and Donation Day.
Awareness Week was held from the 3rd to the 12th of March where Awareness & Creative E-posters, Creative Writing competitions, social media interactions, and informative sessions were conducted to raise awareness.

The Donation Day event on March 13th took place in the round hall and featured several stalls, including ones by Apollo clinic, Hayat Organ Donation by MOHAP, Medangle, and DMCG Simulation Center. At the simulation center stall, visitors could practice performing blood tests, while at the DPCG Health checkup stall, they could have their blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI measured. In addition, there was a refreshments corner for attendees.

The event also offered various fun activities, such as the Blood Buddies program, which paired up friends who donated blood together, a photo booth, a Wall of Heroes mural art display, goodie bags for all donors, a Children's Activity Corner, and a Red Queen Competition.
There was a separate corner for whoever was interested to participate in Red Queen Competition. A HD quality Picture had to be clicked at the booth with any props of you choice wearing Red clothes to signify blood donation. A slogan was also to be prepared by the candidates. The candidates with most number of votes based on Dressing Style, slogan & attitude was chosen as the winner. Shameema Alam, a third year medical student was announced as winner of the Red Queen Competition.

In conclusion, the Donation Day event was a great success and provided both an enjoyable and educational experience for attendees. We would like to express our special thanks to our collaborative partners, including the Dubai Blood Donation Center, SCOPH - IFMSA, HAYAT team led by Dr. Maria Gomez, Apollo Clinic, Medangle and the DMCG Simulation Center.

We extend a big thank you to all the organizers, particularly the Head of Community Engagement Unit - Dr. Nujood Alshirawi (DMCG) & Dr. Maram Abbas (DPCG) and Head of Student Volunteer - Tasnima Tayb, a fourth year medical student for making this event a huge success.