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How do universities work? Practical advice and insight from and for HE professionals on:
  • What does a vice-chancellor/provost do in your country?
  • How to write/read a university budget (in 800 words)
  • What is a university senate and how does it work?
  • How are public universities different from private ones?
  • How does research funding work?
  • How does university recruitment work?
  • The changing role of the university in society
  • Structures/hierarchies in a university explained
  • An overview of roles and departments

Deadline for content: Monday, 22 April
Indigenous voices in higher education Practical advice from and for HE professionals on:
  • How to integrate Indigenous knowledge into curricula
  • Insights and lessons from Indigenous-serving institutions
  • Case studies from Indigenous centres on campuses
  • How to support and retain more Indigenous students in higher education
  • How to recruit and promote more Indigenous staff in universities
  • Involving Indigenous communities in research
  • Amplifying Indigenous voices and scholarship

Deadline for content: Monday, 6 May
Tackling the PhD thesis Practical advice and insight from and for HE professionals on:
  • Writing tips
  • Time management
  • How to structure your thesis
  • How to write a thesis/dissertation in three months
  • How to write an abstract
  • What to do after it’s finished
  • Understanding the PhD thesis in your country
  • How to prepare for a viva voce or doctoral defence of your thesis
  • What to do when motivation flags
  • Tips for managing referencing and bibliography

Deadline for content: Monday, 20 May